Own gold to protect your money

The old ways of owning gold are now a thing of the past.

CORO combines gold, the most trusted form of money with the world’s most secure payment technology — in one free and easy-to-use app.

Use CORO today to exchange, send, and save gold & dollars easily, and securely:

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Here’s how CORO works

Buying and using gold has traditionally been complex — that’s why we’re here

Hi, I’m David Dorr and I created CORO for one reason: to help protect your money and peace of mind with gold, the world’s most trusted form of money, that’s been around for 3,000 years.

With an uncertain future, there’s never been a better time to own gold. We’ve made it easy for you to get started with just a few clicks and as little as $5.

It’s time you experienced the peace of mind that comes from owning gold!

David Dorr, CEO Coro Global

Use CORO to

CORO is a simple way to buy physical gold and use it as money.

Governments devalue currencies daily, which can increase living costs and erode your hard-earned savings. Gold can protect the value of your money. Save in gold to protect your future.

Make memorable and unique gifts to your friends and family by gifting them gold. Gold never goes out of style and tends to increase in value.

Most other payment apps set rigid transaction limits. With CORO, you can send payments in gold and dollars as big or as small as you need.

The most trusted form of money meets the most secure technology

There’s never been an easier and more secure way to buy, send, and save gold & dollars

Hear from people using CORO every day

The economy is unpredictable, gold isn’t

Owning gold is like having insurance against inflation and ever-changing regulations.

Experience the peace of mind of knowing your money has never been in better hands.

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