About Coro Global Inc.

Coro Global Inc. (OTCQB: CGLO) is a Miami, Florida-based fintech company that is creating a new financial payment system where gold can be used as money in everyday transactions as easily as fiat currencies.

Coro Global Inc. seeks to enhance shareholder value through exceptional business performance and practices, as well as through responsible and effective communication with its shareholders.



* The gold spot price above does not reflect the CORO gold spot price.

Our Product

Coro Global Inc. created CORO, which is a mobile payment app that combines the most resilient and trusted form of money, with the world’s most advanced and secure payment technology to allow people to use gold as easily as fiat currencies.

CORO leverages the Hashgraph DLT and a proprietary AML/KYC to offer superior speed, security, and privacy, as well as lower fees.

With CORO customers can exchange, send, and save gold and U.S. dollars instantly and seamlessly.

CORO is offered through Coro Corp. – a subsidiary of Coro Global Inc. – which operates pursuant to both Federal and State money transmission regulations. Coro Corp has already been registered as a money service business with the US Treasury Department and is in the process of filing for multiple state money transmission licenses throughout the United States.

Investor Contact

78 SW 7th Street
Miami, Florida 33130
[email protected]