Transaction Fees

Transaction fees of sending gold and US dollars to other CORO customers are waived until December 31, 2020.

Transaction Fees
Send goldcurrently 0%
Receive goldalways free
Send USDcurrently 0%
Receive USDalways free

Exchange Fees

The “XAU to USD” and “USD to XAU” exchange fees come with a charge of 0.5% of the transaction value. (XAU is a standard code for one troy ounce of gold)

Exchange Fees

Gold Storage Fee

Gold storage fees will be assessed daily (annual storage rate of 0.5% divided by 365 days) and calculated on the value of your gold at the close of each day. You will be billed the total storage fees each month in gold.

Gold Storage Fee
Storage0.5% annually

Market Hours

Buying and selling gold (XAU) will be available from 6 pm EDT on Sunday to 5 pm EDT on Friday.

It will be unavailable during United States Federal holidays as markets are closed.

Market hours and holidays may change due to circumstances out of our control. We aim to update our trading times as necessary to reflect these changes.

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