At CORO, we’re on a mission to democratize gold and ensure everyone has secure and easy access to the world´s most resilient money – and today we have some exciting news to share that we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

(🥁 Drumroll)

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new referral program, which, to our knowledge – is the world’s only referral program that pays in gold. That has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

We created this program to say thank you to those who already use CORO and ask for your help in continuing to grow this mission. Because there’s nothing better than having the peace of mind of knowing your money is in the best hands possible…especially during uncertain times.

That’s where you come in: we want to reward CORO customers who are spreading the word and engaging their friends, family, communities, and platforms to help others gain access to gold.

Let’s dive into how CORO’s referral program works and how you can start earning gold today.

How does CORO’s referral program work?

Here’s the punchline: you will receive $10 in *free* gold in your CORO account for every single person you refer. At the same time, they’ll receive $10 for using your link. Talk about a win, win!

Here’s exactly how to start earning in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Download CORO and complete the approval process. For those who are already customers, you’ll skip this step and move onto the next.

Step 2: Go to the “INVITE” Tab in the app. Once you’re there, press INVITE FRIEND or COPY MY INVITE LINK and share away.

Step 3: Make sure your friend becomes an Active Customer by completing the approval process. Once they do, you’ll automatically receive $10 in gold in your CORO account. Your friend will also receive $10 in gold.

Oh, and one more step — celebrate that you and your friend both have free gold and you’re spreading a mission to democratize gold. By the way, you’ll be able to easily track your accumulated rewards in your INVITE tab, so you know exactly how sharing is paying off for you… literally!

Maximize your earnings and referrals

Let’s see how this works in the real world. Let’s say you refer five friends every month for a year — you’d accumulate $600 of real Gold that will not only maintain its value in an ever-changing world but continue to grow.

With that said, here are some ideas on how you can engage your friends, in-person and virtual communities:

  • Send three links a day
  • Do a video for social media
  • Create custom direct messages
  • Host an in-person get-together
  • Post across your social media pages
  • Educate others on the power of Gold
  • Screenshot yourself using the app
  • Join investing meet-ups and groups
  • Use hashtags, including #ingoldwetrust, and #coroapp, #coroglobal
  • Host an interview series on saving
  • Write a blog post, and include your referral link

Remember: your friends are also winning every time you share your link. Because many people have never owned real, physical gold —imagine the thrill of knowing they’re owning $10 of gold in their name… all because they clicked your link.

(TIP: if you’re doing any social media posts, make sure to tag across platforms so we can give you a shoutout!)

Start earning with CORO

In a changing world, there’s never been a better time to own gold. But there are still people who think having access to gold is only for the rich, or that the process is expensive, hard, and sketchy. And let’s be real: the old ways of buying gold were certainly complicated.

With CORO, that’s no longer the case… it’s time to change that once and for all. Help us spread the word and grow the mission while earning the rewards you deserve. Don’t wait — join our referral program today and start sharing and earning!