When the telegraph was invented in the 1830’s it revolutionized communication between long distances. Today we have a plethora of tools to communicate with each other anywhere on the planet. A hundred years ago every new technology was a standout.

Today there are so many technologies being offered to us that it’s become difficult to keep up. Modern media channels make matters worse. Everyone is drowning in information and social media has only made the noise to signal ratio climb higher.

Furthermore, social media companies are actively manipulating us and furthering a dangerous new form of digital addiction. Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma shows exactly how this has been done to us. It seems everywhere we turn companies are selling us FOMO.

The latest hot social media app Clubhouse is cranking up the FOMO dial to full volume by making the app exclusive and invite-only.

At Coro Global, we see things differently. We encourage our team and customers to stay centered, to separate the signal from the noise, to develop discernment, and to grow the ability to focus rather than be distracted. We also believe inclusiveness is the path forward, not exclusiveness.

For that reason, we’ve found ourselves philosophically aligned with another technology company that many of you may have recently heard about as they crossed 500 million worldwide customers. That company is Telegram.

Telegram was all over the news earlier this year because their competitor WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, recently required users to agree to new privacy terms. WhatsApp users deleted their accounts and moved. This is a trend that we support. Privacy matters and we all should care about protecting it. If the telegraph were reinvented today it would look exactly like the Telegram app. Simple, distraction-free, secure, inclusive, and no manipulation of its users.

To make it easier for us to continue providing complimentary education to our customers as well as give them a convenient format for direct interaction with us we’ve recently launched our own CORO CHANNEL and CORO CHAT on Telegram.

The difference between the two is simple.

If you would like to receive news that matters about gold markets and our company then join the CORO CHANNEL.

If you’d like to ask live questions to me or my team members about topics posted on the CORO CHANNEL then you’ll also want to join the CORO CHAT.

Both of these new forms of communication from us are publicly open to anyone and are completely free.

We look forward to seeing you there!