Our Mission is to support people in understanding the value of using gold as resilient money.

Our Vision is to lead towards a more sustainable world by enabling better social cooperation through resilient money.

Virtues We Live by

Values are ideas that you believe in; a virtue is what you do with those ideas. We define our company culture as a system of virtues. To us, corporate values are worth nothing unless executed. We focus on impeccable execution.

Security and Global Compliance

Your security and privacy are our highest priorities.

CORO adheres to rigorous information security policies and procedures regarding customer data. CORO is an industry leader and standard-setter in cybersecurity in the start-up space. It has already completed its first cybersecurity audit and received its SOC 2 certificate.

Full compliance with all U.S. and international laws and regulations.

CORO is registered as a Money Services Business and currently licensed to operate in various US States. CORO is in the process of obtaining the licenses for all U.S. states and territories and will be fully compliant in all the markets in which it will start operations.

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