Coro & CXAU - Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

All transactions on Coro are private, and no personal information will ever be revealed. Coro is completely compliant with financial regulatory requirements and uses the strongest level of IT security to ensure the safety and security of your account.

The Coro platform is fully compliant with all regulations, including AML/KYC processes. The highest standard of security is dedicated to ensuring that no one can leverage Coro or use CXAU to advance any illegal activity.

The gold is stored securely within a vault at the Royal Canadian Mint.

Coro account holders may fully redeem their digital CXAU currency for physical gold at any time.

Any redeemed physical gold will be delivered via mail by Dillon Gage, in accordance with their standards.

The value of the account is not correlated to equities, bonds or fiat currencies. The value of a Coro account is derived from the real market value of the physical gold that secures the account.

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