Coro & CXAU - Delivering the Benefits of Gold

The Benefits of Gold as Currency


The Timeless Value of Gold

For nearly three millennia, gold has been a store of wealth and exchange of value across civilizations. Countries hold gold reserves as a guarantee to ensure promises, pay depositors, or secure fiat currency. Throughout history, even as other currencies have lost value or ceased to exist, gold has remained strong and stable.


The Liquidity of Gold, the Agility of Advanced Technology

As a decentralized currency, gold is not subject to government manipulation. With universal acceptance and the ability to be easily exchanged at a low cost, gold is also prized for its “liquidity”. Its value easily transcends borders and regional tensions.

The same idea of liquidity is at the core of Coro’s technology.

Coro runs on an agile and ultra-secure hashgraph distributed ledger technology, is backed by the timeless value of gold, and is fully compliant in the US and internationally.


A Conductor and Connector

Gold is one of the natural world’s fastest conductors of electricity. Coro is inspired by gold’s conductivity to create a payment ecosystem that is powerful and agile, while also more efficient and environmentally-friendly, than blockchain-based technologies.

With a fast and ultra secure technology – propelled by the enduring value of gold – Coro is positioned to connect people and provide them a choice of how, when, and where to exchange money.

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