Fair and transparent financial transactions for a better world

We believe that by using gold as money we can unlock the ability to stabilize the global financial system and create a more sustainable economy.

For millennia, gold has been a trusted store of value across the world. It’s always been stable and universally accepted. Yet it has always appeared out of reach for regular people. Until today.

Now, with the Coro app, built on one of the most advanced and secure technologies of our time, using gold as money is possible and easy for everyone.

Join us to claim your financial freedom

Use Coro to

Send, receive, and exchange currency faster, cheaper and more securely, including gold, the universal currency.

Make memorable and unique gifts to your friends and family by gifting them gold. Gold never goes out of style and tends to increase in value.

Most other payment apps set rigid transaction limits. With Coro you can send payments as big or small as you need.

Governments devalue currencies daily, which leads to higher costs of living and erodes your hard-earned savings. Gold is the stable constant that protects the value of your money.

How Coro Works

Step 1

Identity verification

Download Coro and complete a basic identity verification.

Step 2

Connect your bank

Connect your bank account or debit card to get started.

Step 3

Fund your account

Transfer funds from your bank to your Coro account.

Step 4

Exchange USD for gold

Exchange any amount of USD for gold.

Step 5

Send and receive money

Send and receive payments in USD and gold.

Benefits of Coro


All your transactions, large and small, take mere instants and are validated immediately. With the ability to complete up to 500,000 transactions per second, Coro is one of the fastest payment apps in the world. Faster than credit cards, faster than blockchain.


Built on one of the most secure transaction ledgers this world has ever seen, Coro was designed to provide the absolute strongest protection against cyberattacks, keeping your assets and information safe at all times.

100% Gold Backed

Your Gold account holds 100% physical gold at all times. Physical gold is securely stored and audited by an independent party.


Your gold balance is available for withdrawal at any time. We’re talking physical gold shipped safely to your doorstep.


  • Your gold is held in a secure, independent and audited vault.

  • Your gold is allocated to you – meaning you are the only legal owner.

  • We are SOC 2 certified, which is the gold standard for indicating that we prioritize security, privacy, confidentiality, and processing integrity of your personal data.

  • Coro Global Inc. is a public company and is audited annually.

  • Your US dollars are held in a segregated custodial account on your behalf.

  • We designed a proprietary onboarding and screening process (AML/KYC) providing the safest possible payment ecosystem for all our customers.

  • Coro Global Inc. is licensed by US Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and is in full compliance with all U.S. and international laws and regulations.

Power of the People

Here’s what people are saying about Coro

It sounds very exciting. I am always wary of money apps but I am interested in trying Coro. I travel a lot so currency exchanges would no longer be an issue. I worry about geopolitical risks in the long run – especially with the volatility of the stock market and the restrictions of bonds. Gold sounds like a stable currency and a good option.

Nelson Solis

Doctor Miami/Dominican Republic

I think that Coro sounds really cool; I like the idea that it is fully backed by gold and that it will allow me to exchange gold and dollars easily. I can see the benefits of international transactions when the company operates globally. My 5-year goal is to reach financial freedom, and Coro definitely sounds like a great option to explore.

Christian Oliveira

Massage Therapist/Yoga teacher Miami

I can’t wait to start using Coro. I believe that gold is more stable than other currencies. I am excited for Coro to go international because it will allow me to help sustain my family business in Latin America.

Jassir Heredia

Human Rights Attorney Miami/Venezuela

I am very interested in learning how to use gold as a universal currency, its benefits, and keeping some of my money in gold sounds like a great idea. Waiting for the launch to try it out!

Danny Lauchaire

Personal Trainer/investor Miami

I am excited to see the app in action and be able to send real gold in real-time, digitally. I work part-time and study full-time, so I am interested in keeping some of my personal savings in gold in order to exchange it when I need to travel or make a big purchase.

Sofia Osio

Student Miami

Why Gold

Gold is physical. Gold is real. You can touch it, hold it, see it, and feel its value. Countries around the world hold gold as a guarantee to ensure promises, pay depositors, or secure currencies. Gold has been used as currency for more than 3000 years – it’s always been stable and universally accepted.

Now, with Coro, using gold as money is possible and easy.

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